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Feather: 3D Sketchbook

Feather 1.0 is officially released on 2022-11-01.
Watch full video here.
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Ongoing Event

“Goodbye Beta, Hello 1.0.”

Any content in any form. Untill 2022-11-30.
We want to share thoughts and feelings with our community about this farewell and greeting. And also, we will always respect freedom of expression and creation. No matter where you are, no matter how you think, please send us your voices!
예술교육실천가를 위한 디지털 3차원 창작 입문 워크숍 <상상의 점>
모집기간 : 2022-11-10.~11-18.
<Spot of Imagination -Basic 3D Digital Creation Workshop for Teaching Artists>


SketchFab 3D gallery “Feathered”
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